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supporting welfare to work providers

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Video Transcript

Welcome to the 50+ Works website.
Please take a moment to watch this short video as the site has lots of features designed to support you in your vital work helping 50+ jobseekers back into employment.

First of all, here on the home page you will see a section where all the latest items will be posted. You may wish to pop on to the homepage regularly to keep up with what’s new.
Of course, you may just want to get started straight away so there’s a button for that

Or click on the ‘start’ tab in the main navigation

Which ever route you choose, you go directly to a really simple but comprehensive resources section, the heart of the good practice guide.
This should provide a solid start for most areas of enquiry.
Let’s go to one of the pages to show you the sort of information that’s available and how it is arranged.
Here we find the Identifying Transferable Skills page.
Note that the righthand side of the page includes case studies, tools and useful links. All in one place.
 Have a look later at the skills assessment tool developed specifically for older workers, which people say is very helpful.
And on the left we have a menu of all the topics covered in the Finding Work section.

Notice also how the sliding text boxes work.
Back on the home page we can see some other tabs at the top.

(Showing 'Home' tab) This one is there to get back to the home page
(Showing 'Start' tab) This one we’ve just covered, takes you to the main resources page - a useful button!
(Showing 'About this guide' tab) This tab takes you to a short explanation of why your role is so vital in dealing with your 50+ customers.
(Showing email link) Here, at the bottom, there’s an email link to feedback your thoughts, comments and success stories to us.
Back on the home page. There is one section which people have asked us to expand as they’ve found it so useful – the case studies section - where we gather all of the case studies which appear throughout the guide.
On the case studies page you will, of course, find many detailed and relevant case studies. Each has a helpful summary of what it contains, together with the name of the organisation who provided it.
Not only that, but we’ve made them searchable so that you can go straight to those most relevant to your needs.
The Useful Links tab. The menu on the left will take you to PDFs, publications and a list of sites covering specialised resource areas.

Again, please note that this section gathers together all the useful links featured throughout the site.
That concludes the video guide. Please browse the site as we’re certain it’ll help you to help your customers.
And before you leave, be sure to add the home page to list of favourites.

Thank you for watching.

This site is for help and information only. It is not meant as an authoritative guide. It is not meant as an authoritative statement of the law, and future changes in the law and other programmes and initiatives could make it less accurate at times. TAEN, the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund take no responsibility for your use of the information. You should always take professional advice on any specific legal or financial matter.